Testing Services

GACS Arabia offers wide range of Environmental & Laboratory Testing & Rental Services, and our services are specifically designed to carter Environmental Consultants and Regulatory community. It is not practical for any consultant or regulatory agency to own, operate and maintain wide range of monitoring and testing equipment’s.

GACS Arabia provides field services and equipment’s for various applications, please contact us for more details.

Ambient air quality capability

GACS Arabia has extensive experience in ambient air quality monitoring systems; we have installed various types of installations from fixed permanent stations, mobile station on van, truck and tow trailers. We are the only Saudi Company in the market which does all of the installation and commissioning works locally in Saudi Arabia, we have vast experience in ambient air quality applications engineering. Our system is in full compliance with US EPA 40CFR part 58 standards.

Indoor air quality

GACS Arabia has uniquely developed an indoor air quality monitoring and assessment program, our monitoring programs are not from a menu list, and it is custom application addressing specific needs and regulatory requirements. Our IAQ programs are in full compliance with OSHA, US EPA, ASHRAE, NIOSH, ACGIH and Canadian standards, our IAQ covers CO, CO2, NOx, SO2, H2S, Nh3, VOCs, Bacteria, Mould, HVAC, Radon, Illumination, Thermal comfort and Noise monitoring

Noise & Vibration

GACS Arabia has good experience in noise and vibration surveys, our programs include Environmental, Industrial, Mining, Indoor AQ, Workers Safety and custom applications. Our programs are in compliance with OSHA, US EPA, ASHRAE, NIOSH and Canadian standards, we also offer Noise Contour Mapping services and custom monitoring and assessments in the field of Noise Pollution and Vibration monitoring.

Source emission monitoring

GACS Arabia is among the very few systems integrators to build source emission monitoring systems locally in Saudi Arabia, and we also provide testing services for stack testing, RATA testing and PEM’s verification and setup projects. Our system is in full compliance with US EPA 40CFR part 60 + 75 requirements for the criteria parameters such as; SO2, H2S, NOx, CO, CO2, THC, VOC, Particulate. GACS owns and operates an extensive selection of equipment to handle any size of source testing program, whether stack or fugitive emission sources. In support of sampling collection, GACS has an in-house laboratory offering quick turnaround times of unique sampling parameters.

FEM Programs

Fugitive emissions are emissions of gases or vapors from pressurized equipment due to leaks and various other unintended or irregular releases of gases, mostly from industrial activities. As well as the economic cost of lost commodities, fugitive emissions contribute to air pollution and climate change. When it comes to safety and environment, valves and appendages should always be extremely reliable. GACS Arabia offers complete FEM monitoring solutions from field sampling to extensive data base management.

Ventilation Controls Engineering

If your project has any HVAC, industrial ventilation and/or air pollution control system or equipment-related issues, we can help.Where such practical applications come to mind, GACS in collaboration with a Canadian Company have developed a depth of experience and expertise for the provision of:

• Building or plant ventilation systems or components

• Laboratory ventilation system and ducts

• Process ventilation and local exhaust systems

• Industrial air emissions and pollution control equipment

• Fan engineering and fan selection

Water Quality

Our water quality monitoring programs includes sea water, drinking water, wastewater, wells, storage tanks, reservoirs, and many wide applications. We provide systems, we provide service, and we provide onsite sampling and reporting services and laboratory analysis. GACS owns and operate mobile water quality laboratories for chemicals, physical and microbiological analysis

We have complete solutions for water quality monitoring & testing.

Microbiological Analysis

If your project requires any bacteria analysis, GACS Arabia can offers services with its Mobile Micro-Biological Laboratory

• Indoor air quality

• Water & Wastewater quality 

• Food Safety & School Hygiene


GACS Arabia as a distributor & systems Integrator:

GACS Arabia is the fastest growing market leader in environmental monitoring instrumentation in the KSA. Our success is not so much due to our product line or our ability to sell them. Rather, it is due to what we like to call our “insanely superior customer service” capability. We realize that, essentially, nobody remembers a good analyzer, instrument or a system. Good products are transparent to our class of end user. It is only when things are not working as they are supposed to that the system gets the attention of the end users. Therefore, we have always had a policy of real-time technical support which consistently exceeds customer expectations. In this, we are unique in the industry. As an example of “insane customer service”, I would offer the following: We will continue to support any product we sell with free telephone and email technical support forever at no cost to the customer. We do this even if it means staying on the phone with a customer on site whole day or late evening until we have solved the problem and dispatched the required part. This capability is in addition to maintaining the best trained and most technically-able sales and service personnel’s.  

Another aspect of this level of support is our factory trained engineering staff, we suggest our customers to opt for an annual service contract, which save them lot of time and reduce ownership and operational costs.

Operation & Maintenance Services:-

For our larger installations, we highly recommend to have GACS operate and maintain the network of stations or systems. We understand that, in developing economies, like Saudi Arabia, the only rational approach to monitoring is a “technology transfer”. Anything else does not address the customers’ needs.

GACS Arabia offers operation and maintenance service contracts for the following applications:-

  • Ambient air quality
  • Source emissions monitoring systems
  • Water quality monitoring systems
  • Oil spill monitoring systems
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Environmental monitoring networks and programs
  • Testing’s & Environmental Laboratories
GACS Arabia having being system integrator and distributor for various well renowned environmental monitoring systems, having factory trained systems & service engineers, having access to spare parts and supplies, having good experience and knowledge in environmental monitoring instruments makes us a unique O&M contractor.
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