Product Segments

GACS Arabia offers extensive products and services for various environmental and engineering applications, we offer wide array for quality products from our partners. In order to simply the search of our products, we have divided the products into four (4) major segments, and each product segment has hundreds of products.

Air Quality

Our air quality segment is consisting of several applications from environmental to process engineering, this segment covers various applications for ambient air quality monitoring instruments, continuous emission monitoring, particulates monitoring, meteorological instruments, multi-metals monitoring for ambient and source applications, noise (sound) monitoring, ambient and source emission monitoring-reporting-management software system, toxic gas detection instruments and so on…

Water Quality

Our water quality segment is consisting of several unique applications for process, environmental, early warning, regulatory and for laboratory. Products in this segment covers wide array of applications for environmental water quality solutions onshore, offshore, municipal, regulatory, ground water wells, oil spill detection and laboratory applications including TOC, TIC and so on…

Laboratory Solution

Our laboratory solutions is a complete one stop solution from laboratory instruments, chemicals, standards, furniture, fume hoods, design & engineering of laboratory construction. There are thousands of laboratory instruments and supplies we carry under this segment, products from Thomas Scientific, Cole Parmer, Thermo-Fisher Scientific and VWR catalogue items to complex analytical instruments like Total Organic Carbon, Gas Chromatograph, GC-MS and ICP-MS. We also products turnkey build own and operate solutions for water and waste water laboratory, operation and maintenance services for existing laboratories, training and method developments.

Testing Services

Our testing services is totally a customer driven segment, this is a very specific range of services mainly focusing on quality and representative testing solutions. This segment is a one stop environmental regulatory related services for ambient air monitoring, stack emission testing, RATA testing, particulates monitoring, water quality sampling, ground water wells inventory and sampling and so on…

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