Laboratory Solutions


A laboratory is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific research, experiments, and measurement may be performed. The title of laboratory is also used for certain other facilities where the processes or equipment used are similar to those in scientific laboratories, and there are several different types of laboratories.

Our Laboratory Solutions offer a wide range of services to various laboratories such as, Environmental, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Polymer, Research & Development, Educational and Municipals. Our solutions start from the concept of lab, design, engineering, and construction, supply of equipment’s, test method developments, trainings, supplies and consumables to operation, maintenance and after sales service support.

We have constructed laboratories for various applications and in various sizes and specifications, from mobile to permanent infrastructure. There is so much engineering expertise involved in building a laboratory from basic design, storage, ventilation, HVAC, selection of furniture based on the type of lab and materials expected to test.  

GACS Arabia fully support and service the products we represent, we provide annual maintenance services, operation and maintenance services, system audits, product or application development, simple solutions for complex regulatory requirements, turnkey network of stations, fixed/permanent monitoring stations, mobile stations, data collection and reporting services, regulatory compliance solutions, and product trainings.

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